[Preliminary Report] Data of the curtailed PV (with additional Information)

By 2018-10-15February 28th, 2019News
We have released a graph of PV plant that is curtailed by the Kyushu Electric Power Company. (Preliminary report)
On October 13 (Saturday), 14th (Sunday), the Kyushu Electric Power Company implemented the first PV curtailment in Mainlands in Japan except for isolated islands. Curtailment level was 430,000 kW on 13th and 710,000 kW on 14th. This curtailment instructions are published on the Kyushu Electric website.
The figure above indicates the power generation data of a PV plant in Kumamoto prefecture, which is collected by a remote monitoring device on the day of October 14. This power plant has started to generate electricity from January 2018 and its capacity is 47 kW(AC). At this power plant, no curtailment was done on the 13th, but then curtailment was carried out for about 20 minutes from 10:40a.m. on the 14th, and it seems that the amount of electricity generation during that time was zero.
(Additional information as of October 15, the Kyushu Electric Power Company instructed curtailment for 30 minutes from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m., PV power conditioning system gradually reduces power generation to zero after 10 minutes of the curtailment command.)
Therefore, looking at one-hour unit, if the normal power generation amount is 100, the amount of electricity generation is about 60%. The amount of electricity generated that could not be effectively utilized by this curtailment is estimated to be around 17 kWh.
There will be more detailed announcements from Kyushu Electric Power Co., and we will further inform you with the newest updates in ISEP Blog.