First Curtailment of Solar PV Generation on Kyushu mainland on 13th and 14th October?

By 2018-10-12February 28th, 2019News

Kyushu Electric Power Co. announced that there is a possibility of controlling the first curtailment of solar PV generation in mainland excluding remote islands on the 14th of this month. (Kyushu Electric Power Co. renewable energy curtailment prospect) “Curtailment” is to temporarily pause power generation in order to prevent large-scale blackouts when there is a high possibility that the balance between supply and demand will collapse. Curtailment of renewable energy has been implemented in remote islands such as Iki island and Tanegashima island so far, but it will be the first time if the curtailment of renewable energy is done on the Japanese mainland.

Because the jurisdiction of Kyushu Electric Power Co. is an area with a large amount of PV plants installed in Japan and the fourth nuclear power generation was restarted in June this year, demand adjustment is made based on the priority dispatch rule. And on October 1, when the electricity demand came to fall in the fall, wide-area transmission of renewable electricity to Honshu island and Shikoku island was done.

However, even if these measures are taken, there is a possibility that the electricity supply will still be excessive. So there is a possibility that curtailment of solar PV generation will be done without limitation and compensation.

ISEP has issued a press release “Six things to do before Kyushu Electric Power Co. Suppression Restraint of Energy” (written in Japanese language). Please also refer to the article as well.

It will be announced this evening whether curtailment is implemented or not. When the curtailment is ongoing, you can find actual data and graph on ISEP Energy Chart around February 2019.

We will follow up about the curtailment of Kyushu Electric Power.