Function for credit-card donation was added

From ISEP Energy Chart’s website, you can now easily settle your donation to ISEP with credit card. Procedures are possible only with smartphones, so please consider donating this time.


  1. Please select the donation buttonfrom the menu of the screen
  2. After filling out the application form, please select the credit card settlement on the payment procedure screen.

Since launcing the ISEP Energy Chart in February this year, we have been featured in several medias and events, and have played a role of visualizing the potential of renewable energy.

Expenses of more than 1 million yen(= 800 thousand US$) have been applied to the creation and operation of this site. We started using the subsidy for the launch of the site, but we also spend our own budget additionally. Also, certain expenses are required to update data four times a year.

With the aim of letting more people know the potential of renewable energy in Japan through visualization of energy data, ISEP Energy Chart will continue to expand the chart and consider making the site in English.

ISEP is promoting many projects including Energy Chard. We sincerely look forward to your donation as to support our activities.