ISEP Energy Chart 公開記念イベント報告

By 2018年2月27日イベント



まず、本サイトの立ち上げを担当したISEP主任研究員・山下紀明が本サイトの特徴と使い方を示しました。続いて、ISEP所長・飯田哲也が電力会社ごとの需給管理状況の違い、政策提言に向けたポイントを解説しました。最後に、京都大学の安田陽先生が「透明性と送電線空容量問題 〜 市場の失敗と政府の失敗」と題してデータの透明性と公開の重要性、送電線の空容量問題について解説しました。


  • 電力の需給状況と電力市場のデータを合わせて表示できれば、自然エネルギーが電力価格に与える影響が見えるのではないか
  • 連系線の使用状況を日本地図上に表示できないか


Report of a launch event of ISEP Energy Chart


On February 23rd, 2018, we held a public-open event called “Facts and Tasks that visualization of Renewable Eergy clarifies.”

Videos of the event will be available in Japanese language above.


First, Senior Reseacher at ISEP, Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, being charge of lauching this website, showed several features and usage of this website. Subsequently, Executive Dirctor of ISEP, Mr. Tetsunari Iida explained the difference in the supply and demand management situation for each electric power company and the important points for policy proposal. Lastly, Professor Yo Yasuda from Kyoto University explains the transparency and the disclosure of data entitled “Transparency and Grid Capacity Problem, Market Failure and Government Failure”and the problems of grid capacity.

During our discussions, we raised many issues including renewable energy policy and transparency, priority access. We got two comments for further development of ISEP energy chart.
  • If we can display both the supply and demand situation and the data of electricity market, it is possible to see the influence of renewable energy on the elecricity price.
  • Would it be possible to display the usage of collective status of the interconnection lines on the Japan map?
If you have any ideas for visualizing such energy data, please send it through the inquiry section to ISEP website.