July – December 2018 Data Update

By 2019-05-14July 7th, 2021Data Update

The ISEP Energy Chart has recently been updated with data from July to December 2018. Both national data and data from each utility can easily be accessed under the tags “Electricity Generation and Demand”and “Renewable Energy Share in Electricity”, as well as through the “Data Search” function.

Key issues from this period include the blackouts throughout all of Hokkaidō caused by the September 6 Hokkaidō Eastern Iburi earthquake, as well as the power output suppression control of solar power generation under the jurisdiction of Kyushu Electronic Power Company since October 13, 2018. This data is reflected in our graphs, while also being available for Excel download. Furthermore, we are currently writing up sequential blog articles summarizing data gathered in 2018.

Please keep the following points in mind when drawing from “Electricity Generation and Demand” and “Data Search”:

  • Examining “Fiscal Year 2018”, “Hokkaidō”, and “Maximum and Minimum Price pr. Unit pr. Hour” under “Data Search”, September 6 4:00 will see electricity generated by small-scale renewable energy stated as 0 kWh. This is due to the aforementioned blackouts throughout all of Hokkaidō.
  • “Electricity Generation and Demand” regarding Kyūshū: The share of suppressed power output from solar and wind power is indicated above the graph. This is included for the sake of visualizing the share of output being suppressed. Power output suppression control was carried out on the following days: October 13 (Sat.), October 14 (Sun.), October 20 (Sat.), October 21 (Sun.), November 3 (Sat.), November 4 (Sun.), November 10 (Sat.), and November 11 (Sun.).
  • “Electricity Generation and Demand” regarding Okinawa: September 29 2018 saw an extensive decrease in energy demand. This is a possible consequence of the power outage caused by the typhoon Trami making its landfall at the time.

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