Payment Procedure

You can choose either “Credit Card” or “Bank Transfer” as the payment type. After receipt of payment confirmation, we will send you a electronic receipt(PDF).

Donation with Credit Card

  • Please settle payment from the following. (We will move to the page of Another Lane, Inc. that provides payment service.)

Before proceeding, please read the “Information on using credit card payment” at the bottom of the form.

Donation (3,000 yen:
approximately 27 US$)
Donation (5,000 yen:
approximately 45 US$)
Donation (10,000 yen:
approximately 90 US$)
Donation (20,000 yen:
approximately 180 US$)
Donation (50,000 yen:
approximately 450 US$)
Donation (100,000 yen:
approximately 910 US$)

※ If you are considering donating over 100,000 yen, please use bank transfer.
※※ conversion rate: 110 yen = 1 US$

Information on using credit card payment

Available credit cards; VISA、Master Card、JCB、AMEX、DINERS
※ Please understand that we may not be able to handle with affiliated cards.
One-time payment For settlement each time, settlement will be done only once at the time of application.
Payment Method Based on the terms with each card company, the amount you applied will be transferred from your designated account in the same way as usual card usage. Normally, the transfer date will be the next month following the application date, but please check with details of each credit card statement.
About sending receipt (in PDF form) Donations will be credited to the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies up to approximately one and a half months later, through a credit card company (Another Lane, Inc.). Therefore, the receipt will be sent after 2 months.
About the handling of personal information Personal information which you enter will not be disclosed to third parties without prior consent.
Others Please contact the secretariat if there is change or cancellation of the application contents after applying.
Contact us Contact form for Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies is here (Person in charge: Mr. Yamashita)


For those who wish to transfer from bank transfer

Please transfer donation to the following bank account or postal transfer account.

Bank Account
● Japan Post (Yubin-kyoku) Bank:
Account # 00180-7-31619
Account Name: Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies